One from the heart of Austria, the other from a city spread over two continents. Our backpacks ready and full of hope we embarked on a journey from country to country, from one culture to the next. We marvelled at sunsets and sought refuge from the rain, got to know people and said goodbye again. We saw wealth and poverty, learnt to strive for greatness and yet value the small things in life, and most importantly, to value each other. In addition, the idea was born to walk the same professional path together. On our travels through Asia we observed a native custom: people write their wishes on tiny rolls of paper and use colourful threads to tie them to shrubs and trees. In Thailand and New Zealand, we witnessed how natives engrave spiritual symbols of protection in their skin to express their attitudes to life. Back home from our travels, we now strive to fuse these profound experiences with our own native and everyday culture. What’s more, our loyal and clever companions that have dutifully served us on our travels join us in our wish for independence: our smartphones. We have decided to furnish them with a unique "protection".